Plans of animal demonstrator completed


Thanks to Christian Chillet, of the G2ELab, our partner on superconducting magnets, our working hypotheses on the feasibility of the experimental device of the Proof of Efficiency are validated. Mr. Chillet gave us the plans of the demonstrator and will present them to the next Scientific Board. We received an estimate from the company that is to manufacture it. Experimentation is at our fingertips!


Two other partners to come


In the perspective of experimentation on the Proof of Efficacy, discussions are very advanced with two other CNRS laboratories. One is leading the way in evaluating the behavior of an in vivo tumor, the other has already developed an animal model of human pancreas transplant in the mouse pancreas. We have begun to study the financing solutions arising from a partnership, in particular with the European Commission, under the chapter SME Instruments of Horizon 2020.