French start-up Cell Constraint & Cancer joins forces with one of the largest American Universities to find new therapeutic solutions for pancreatic cancer.

“Year 2018 marks a turning point in the life of our company. Obtaining our Proof of Effeciency on Pancreatic cancerwill allow us to validate our initial hypotheses and to crown the patient and obstinate work we have been doing all these years. The partnership with Professor Guillem PRATX and Stanford University is a great opportunity for us, with a real scientific meeting, and means available “, says Barthélemy BROSSEL, CEO of CELL CONSTRAINT & CANCER.

“We are already engaged in writing a grant submission for the National Cancer Institute to conduct this experiment in our laboratory at Stanford University as soon as possible. We are really at the forefront of global research in the field of physical oncology “, says Guillem PRATX, director of the STANFORD UNIVERSITY Physical Oncology Laboratory.
Download the extensive Press Release : Press Release Stanford2018