CC & C was selected to participate in October 2017 in a presentation of our activities in California under the NETVA program.

The NETVA program (New Technology Venture Accelerator) offers young innovative startups in France a personalized support program, analysis of opportunities and development of technological partnerships in the United States. NETVA, managed by teams of the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in the United States (Boston, San Francisco and Washington DC), aims to meet the need for internationalization of French startups developing innovative products with high added value.

We are targeting the academic world: Berkeley is the University where Mina BIssell (see TED) and now Valerie Weaver took over. They are involved in the National Cancer Institute’s ‘Physical Sciences and Oncology’ program and V. Weaver is the last signatory of M Paszek’s article, which we often quote.

We will also look for contacts of investors, even industrialists.

The winners of the competition participate in a personalized program in 3 phases:

  1. A training seminar in June in Paris on the approach to North American markets;
  2. Accompanied by a North American mentor who guides them in their understanding of the American environment and in the search for partnerships;
  3. And immersion at the end of October in one of the four most dynamic ecosystems in the United States and Canada: Massachusetts (Boston), Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Washington D.C. and Ontario (Toronto).

During their stay, entrepreneurs take part in seminars to compare their business model with North American reality, individual meetings with key players in their field of activity and are invited to participate in events allowing them to in value their project.
Since 2010, NETVA has supported 65 startups. Each promotion has benefited from the help of more than 30 experts to guide them in their search for contacts. Each laureate obtained 10 to 15 individualized appointments and all were presented to the wide network of contacts of the French Embassies in North America.

The Services for Science and Technology of the French Embassies in the United States are supported by partners in France for the implementation of the NETVA program, among which Bpifrance, Business France, RETIS and INRIA. NETVA is supported by Marie Landel & Associates, Morgan Lewis, and Edenred USA. The program involves a total of some thirty partners in France, the United States and Canada.


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